HO Layout

This page is still under construction.

The upper level of the layout.
The club's HO layout that is currently under construction; we are renting a 750 sq. ft. rented space in a secured storage facility located in Jacksonville, FL. near the intersection of the east side of I-295 and Monument Road. The layout is a double level, wth two connecting helixes. They layout is completely freelanced; and is not indended to represent any particular time period or geographical area.

The lower level of the layout.
There are a number of yards, and a variety of industries through out the layout, all designed for fun and challenging operating sessions. The upper level has a large, six-track passenger depot serving the main city; other smaller towns have smaller passenger stations.

Turnout Control

Over the last twelve months or so, we have been installing a number of control panels around the layout to operate turnouts and control track power to sidings.

Servo System Documentation

Layout Tour

Scenes During Construction